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Order Refills

Welcome to MSU Pharmacy online refill request.
    This online order process has been set up for MSU Pharmacy refill requests. If you would like to transfer a prescription from a different pharmacy, you must call the pharmacy and speak to a staff member.

    Clinical Center Pharmacy Refill Request Olin Pharmacy Refill Request
First time users
    When you click the link to request a prescription refill, you will be transferred to a separate website. You will need to enter your last name, birthdate and prescription number(s) that you would like filled.

    Please note the following additional instructions:
  • Delivery Methods:

    MSU Pharmacy courier delivery is available only on campus and designated off-campus MSU sites of employment. Prescriptions for controlled substances must be picked up at the pharmacy.

    Due to limitations of our third-party site, if you select to have your prescription delivered to you on campus, you will need to contact the pharmacy to give your campus building name and room number, phone number, authorized signatory and payment information.

    Prescriptions also can be mailed to locations within the state of Michigan. A mailing fee of $7.50 will be assessed.

  • Prescription Authorization:

    Please note that most physician offices do not allow pharmacies to request a new prescription from your physician if your prescription has expired. Physicians generally require a minimum of a phone request from a patient and may require an appointment. You are encouraged to contact your physician for any needed prescription updates. If you believe you have an active prescription on file at the pharmacy that has not been filled, call the pharmacy to inquire.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the pharmacy of your choice during business hours.


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