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MSU HealthTeam Pharmacy

Pharmacy Hours

Olin Pharmacy
    Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm
    Saturday: 10am to 1pm

    ***** Thanksgiving hours*****

    Wednesday November 22nd hours are 8am to 5pm

    CLOSED Thursday November 23rd, Friday November 24th and Saturday November 25th

Clinical Center Pharmacy
    Monday- Friday 7:30am to 6pm

    ***** Thanksgiving hours*****

    CLOSED Thursday November 23rd and Friday November 24th

MSU Campus Employees

Avoid summer campus construction. Use the Clinical Center and Olin prescription delivery service.

Construction impacting MSU patients
Prescription Benefits and Services

We offer a 90-day supply as insurance permits.

Special Services:
- Free on-campus prescription pick-up and delivery
- Free patient consultation
- Quick, efficient prescription refills
- Prescription Transfer Service
- Patient medical expense reports
- Low cost over-the-counter products

Filling a Prescription at an MSU Pharmacy

New prescription orders must be brought to the pharmacy, called in or faxed by a physician's office. Written prescriptions may be picked up on campus by the Pharmacy Delivery Service.

To transfer a prescription from another pharmacy, bring the prescription vial, bottle, or package to one of the MSU pharmacies. Or call an MSU Pharmacy with the name and phone number of the pharmacy where the prescription was last filled, the prescription number, and the name of the medication. The MSU pharmacy staff will then transfer and fill your refill prescription for you.

To refill a prescription, simply give us a call. Refills can be called in 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Evening and weekend refill orders will be processed on the following workday.)

The Pharmacy Delivery Service

The delivery service is available Monday through Friday. Drivers can accept exact cash or checks for payment. Orders can be pre-paid with Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express by calling the pharmacy.

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